9 Essential Tips For Motorcycle Maintenance In Rainy Season

 Product October 26, 2023

9 suggestions for keeping your motorcycle in good condition during the rainy season

Many bikers are excited for the monsoon because they enjoy riding in the rain. However, you must be aware of your bike’s limitations and take safety measures as well. It’s important to keep in mind that riding a bike in the rain requires extra caution. If not, the motorbike might malfunction at any time, which would put you in danger. When it’s raining, riding a motorbike on a slick road is trickier than when it’s dry and riding a motorbike on a rough road. This time of year calls for additional maintenance on your bike. On a wet day, it is possible to get into dangerous situations if you don’t take care of the motorbike. Thus, we have some advice for you here.

1. Place the motorbike in a shed or cover it:

Who likes taking a seat on a wet couch? No one! Therefore, don’t leave your bike outside in the rain if you are not riding it. Put something over it, store it in a shed, or use a bike cover that is waterproof. When a motorbike is parked outside during a rainstorm, water may gather in multiple places and cause rusting and electrical problems over time.

2. Inspect the tyres on your motorcycle:

The roads got extremely slippery during the monsoon season. Monitoring the condition of your tires is crucial. Before riding during the rainy season, replace the damaged tires if necessary. You can test your motorcycle’s tyres by inserting a coin in the holes and measuring the depth. To have an excellent grip on a wet road, the tread’s minimum depth should be at least two millimeters. Improved grip is also largely dependent on tyre pressure.

3. Maintain the engine:

When the motorcycle is wet for a long amount of time in the rain, the engine could get stuck. The result is the truth that the motorbike will not start. In addition, when it rains, the equipment’s electrical wiring may become wet. Rainwater frequently causes the electric system to short circuit, which prevents the bike from starting. You should avoid biking in the rain as much as possible in order to address this issue. When riding in the rain, it is especially crucial to take care of the engine to prevent it from getting wet.

4. Clean your motorcycle regularly:

Cleaning your motorbike after each ride will help prevent rusting. Mud and filth are frequent during the rainy season and stick to the motorbike. Mud layers will retain water and cause the exposed portions to corrode quickly. Your bicycle doesn’t need to be dried off. Simply spray water on the mud and wash it off of the tyres, rims, footstand, and anywhere else you notice muck.

5. Applying chain lubricant:

Keep the chain from drying out at all costs. Keep the chain well-lubricated to prevent rain from getting on the chain’s surface. You can get the most out of your bike and enjoy every ride with Shell Advance’s cutting-edge PurePlus Technology and Active Cleansing Technology.

6. Brakes Inspection:

The braking systems are especially prone to damage and may become less responsive during heavy rains. Thus, inspect your motorcycle’s brakes before setting out on a ride. Try to keep the brake disc clean if you have one.

7. Continual maintenance of motorcycles:

Every so often, inspect your motorbike. Keep your motorbike in good condition with routine maintenance. You won’t need to spend a lot of time on the inspection if you keep up with your motorcycle maintenance.

8. Ensure to check your headlights:

Rainwater from the monsoon may damage the headlights on your motorcycle. Thus, before you start driving, please always check the headlights.

9. Always aware of your own safety:

More significant than your motorbike is your safety. You can safeguard your motorbike when you’re secure. Therefore, wear a helmet anytime you go for a ride in the rain (or other seasons) to protect your head against an unexpected accident. Additionally necessary are strong hand gloves for a secure grip and a raincoat to ward off the chill

If you obey the suggestions given above, you’ll not only safeguard your bike from monsoon hazards but also take pleasure in a pleasant bike ride outside. Enjoy your ride.


To keep your motorcycle in good condition during the rainy season, cover it when not in use, check and replace damaged tires, protect the engine from getting wet, clean it regularly, lubricate the chain, inspect the brakes, check the headlights, and prioritize your safety with proper gear.


How often should I clean my motorcycle during the rainy season?

Answer: It is recommended to clean your motorcycle after each ride during the rainy season. The mud and dirt that accumulate on the bike can lead to rusting and corrosion if not removed promptly. Regular cleaning will help maintain the bike’s appearance and prevent potential damage caused by prolonged exposure to moisture.


Bike maintenance tips for rainy season By BikeAdvice.IN , JUL 19, 2022