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Neumex Tyres is a prominent company with a wide range of top-grade tyres and tubes for diverse vehicles like Motorcycles, Scooters, Three-wheelers, SCVs, LCVs, Tractors, and Farm Equipment. With 25+ years in the field, our experts blend advanced technology with rigorous research for superior quality tyres suitable for all terrain and extreme conditions. Our comprehensive tyre solutions encompass tubeless variants to puncture-resistant tubes. Over the years, Neumex Tyres has flourished into a brand that thrives on a customer-centric approach dedicated to enriching journeys across this expansive nation.

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Equipped with a thorough grasp of India’s intricate terrain, Neumex Tyres has engineered a tyre selection that reflects its dedication to producing affordable premium quality. From the agile scooters that zigzag through city traffic to the powerful farm vehicles, each tyre exhibits our commitment to every passenger and worker who depends on our goods.

A Promise of Enduring Partnerships
Our rich history of creation and craftsmanship is not just in our tyres but also woven into the very being of our brand. Each tyre is thoughtfully developed and effectively built to meet the challenging demands of Indian roads with unparalleled endurance and performance. 

More Than a Company
Neumex is a heritage of quality, resilience of the Indian spirit, and a link between generations. With every turn of our tyres, we open the way for upward mobility, turning each journey into a success story. Join us on the journey to empowerment, endurance, and reliability!

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