Best Guide to Choosing Tires for Honda Activa in 2024

 Neumex April 6, 2024


Selecting the best-fit tires for Honda Activa will make you feel safer, improve riding performance, and prolong the life of your scooter. By the year 2024, tyre technology has advanced, which gives a wide choice of different configurations, for different styles of driving, for different road conditions and preferences. Here’s the best guide to help you choose the best tires for Honda Activa.

Honda Activa Tyres – An Overview.

Honda Activa 6G has the latest tire sizes of 4 and 3 inches, which are the biggest and the most loved tire sizes in India. The front tire is 90/90-12 54J and going to the rear tire is 90/100-10 53J. Predecessors of the scooter are also equipped with near-same tire sizes. Tires for Honda Activa with front and rear – 90/100-10 and 90/100-10, respectively. Honda Activa 125 has a front wheel of 90/90-12 and a rear wheel of 90/100-10. Honda Activa was equipped with a front tire 90/100-10 and a back tire 90/100-10 as well. 

Front dimension tyres for Honda Activa 3G is 90/100-10, rear tyre dimension is 90/100-10. Tires for Honda Activa 4G’s wheels and tires are made of 90/100-10 and 90/100-10 (for front and rear). Honda Activa 5G has 90×10-10 and 90×10-10 for front and rear tires, correspondingly.


Tires for Honda Activa Scooter

The start was with a scooter designed for an individual use known as the Activa. Today, the range of the Activa has been extended to include Activa 6g, which is in its 6th generation, a more powerful and stylish Activa 125, and a scooter designed to take into account women customers by the name Activa-i. The range of Honda Activa rivals the road guard by Hero Maestro Edge, Hero Pleasure, Yamaha Fascino, TVS Jupiter, and Mahindra Gusto 100 / Mahindra Gusto 125.

The latest tyres for Honda Activa 6G which had been introduced in January is BS6 (Bharat Stage VI) compatible. The 6th generation of the car will get a different design of the side panels, a single air intake will take the place of two. The headlamp continues to have the classic DRL but is LED only on the top-of-the-line version. For the 5G, an LED headlamp was incorporated for all the variants. The Honda Activa 6G doesn’t stop on the appearance. It gets several changes on board as well. 

The Activa 110 has a chassis like the Activa 125 which we have 72 mm of the current variant. Without further ado, the wheelbase is lifted by 22mm and the ground clearance is 18mm. This is done without chipping in on the seat height. This increase in the floor by 23 mm means providing more space and room at the knees for the rider. The manufacturer included a two-inch larger 12-inch front wheel in its latest version instead of the 10-inch which is its previous wheel size. This has potentially contributed to the incrtyreease in ride quality and stability at high speed.

Honda Activa 6G has a 109.51 cc of a single-cylinder engine. In a bid to have a 10% weight loss and better fuel economy as the company promises, they have incorporated modern fuel-injection technology and Enhanced Pressure Smart Power to make the scooter lighter. There is a result of 107 kgs for the same scooter. The new scooter can produce 7.68 bhp at 8000 rpm and 8.79 Nm of peak torque at 5259 rpm. This means it can speed up to 69 km/h easily and can touch 80 km/h without any hassle. 


Tube-Type vs. Tubeless: Examples of Tubeless tires are gaining ground owing to their puncture-resistant and maintenance-free nature. Tribes are another advantage of electric scooters. However, nerves are your option if you prefer traditional tires or if your Activa version demands tube-type tires.

Bias-Ply vs. Radial: Bias-ply tires are conventional and comfortable for an average traveler. Belonging to radial tires, the bikes have a better grip and turn performance, thus creating more interest in these tire types among bikers who like fast and sharp cornering.


Tread Pattern:

Street Tires: If the majority of your riding is on paved surfaces, then select your tires with a street-orientation tread pattern. With these tires, you can expect a good grip and smooth wear that lasts long.

All-Terrain Tires: For Riders for whom the roads are a mix of paved and unpaved ground, it is worth bending with both front and rear all-terrain tires with a balanced tread pattern to get grip from the two trails.

Off-Road Tires: If you plan to ride primarily on rough trails or dirt roads, it might be a good idea to opt for an off-road tire that has deeper tread for better lateral grip.

Brand and Quality: Opt for tires from widely recognized high-grade brands that have earned the reputation of being durable. For the scooters’ tires, well-known manufacturers can be counted as MRF, Ceat, Michelin, and Pirelli.

Budget: Decide on the budget acceptable for tire purchase. Now, although premium tires could bring you a greater initial cost, other features (performance and durability) usually are deemed to be better over time.


Honda Activa Price

What is tried and trusted is Honda Activa, which has been the favorite among scooter lovers for years. Moreover, price ranges combined with the different variants, let you choose the one, which suits your budget and convenience. First on the list is the Honda Activa costing iRs 52,276 as ex-showroom price in Delhi.

Honda Activa 125 is one of the many models that Honda Motor produces and it will set you by Rs 67,490 or, approximately, $1,200 (ex-showroom in Delhi). Honda Activa 5G, which is currently available at Rs.55, 934 ex-showroom Delhi, is the latest model in the Activa family. Last but not least Honda Activa 6G looks prominently in the market, whose basic model is available at Rs 63,912 ex-showroom rate in Delhi.


 Honda Activa stopped manufacturing here and there some Activa‘s variants, but they’re still kings of the roads in India. A 2-wheeler is the safest transportation option when lost in small-town traffic since it’s the tires that keep one grounded. Certainly, the rider will be able to cut through the congestion of the traffic using the tire. The rider will be very confident. It is paramount that one purchases a tire that would brush off the requirement for significant costs. Affordability, reliability, and preference are the characteristics of the stated tires for Honda Activa. Thus, they should be prioritized when you are searching for the ones to buy for your scooter.


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