How To Improve The Performance Of Tyres

 Product October 27, 2023

Your bike’s tyres go through a lot to help you reach your destination. But do you do enough for them? In an ideal setting, it is suggested to check your tyres every time before starting your bike ride. However, this doesn’t happen regularly.

If you keep riding your bike with a faulty tyre, you are not only putting your life at risk but also endangering others on the road. There are numerous instances where a faulty tyre has caused a bike accident leading to injury to the rider and damage to the bike. Thus, all riders should make a conscious effort of having a careful look at their bike’s tyres now and then to ensure if things are alright. Here’s a list for you to check to keep your bike’s tyres fully functional.

5 Tips to increase the performance of tyre :
Taking care of your bike’s tyres is not a huge task. Dedicating some time every week and being aware should be enough to avoid tyre-related issues. However, a big issue that one needs to avoid is the accident. Follow these five tips and you will be in a better position to avoid tyre-related accidents while riding your bike.

1. Optimal tyre Pressure
Different bikes might need different tyre pressure for best performance. Refer to the bike’s user manual to know its optimal tyre pressure and maintain it all the time. Do not postpone the task of filling the air in the bike’s tyres. Riding with less tyre pressure is risky.

2. Wash Regularly
Wash the bike’s tyres regularly and do not leave the task for when you plan to service the bike. Washing is especially necessary after long road trips. Those muddy paths can take a toll on the bike’s tyres. If not washed properly, the bike’s tyres can skid on the road due to the accumulated dirt.

3. Prompt Repairing
Bikers often encounter that there’s a nail in the tyre. If you find yourself in such a situation, avoid further riding and address the issue as soon as possible. It is suggested to not ride for a long distance with a nail in the tyre. If the garage is far away, consider towing the bike to avoid damage. Also, do not ride with a pillion in this case.

4. Don’t Persist, Replace
No matter how much you want the bike’s tyres to keep serving you for eternity, they are bound to lose their grip. The bike’s tyres are bound to undergo wear and tear. Thus, if you sense that the bike’s tyres are not gripping the road properly, maybe it is time to get the tyre replaced. A tyre without a strong grip can lead to accidents, especially if the road is wet.

5. Appropriate tyres
Some bikers tend to buy fancy tyres for their bikes. There have been cases where bikers have chosen a car’s tyre for their bike. Others might mismatch the type of bike and the type of tyre – for example, installing the tyre of a dirt bike on a bike suitable for city rides. Avoid such misadventures and chose appropriate tyres