Summer Bike Maintenance Tips: Keep Your Bike Ready For The Heat

 Product October 27, 2023

Tips for Summer Bike Maintenance

This article will teach you how to maintain your bike for summer so that it can weather the sweltering heat.

The hot climate of India is recognised for its particularly humid days in the months of March, April, and May. The actions you must take to maintain your bike throughout the summer are considerably different from those you must do during the winter or rainy season. Given that the two most difficult conditions for bikers to deal with throughout the summer are heat and grit, this can make it difficult.

The worst-case scenario for a biker is to experience a mechanical failure in the middle of nowhere during the hot summer months and be unable to ride home or get to one’s destination in time. We would rather replace than maintain. You may maintain your bike to withstand extreme temperatures by reading this article’s tips for bike maintenance in the summer.


Keeping Tyre & Brakes in Check

  • One of the parts that most significantly contributes to the bike’s overall functionality, it is generally acknowledged, is its tyres. The ability of your bike’s tyres to disperse heat is seriously affected by their current state.
  • Tyres are especially likely to damage in the summer. You must carry out regular checks of your bike’s tires as frequently as you can because they may suddenly blow out in this kind of harsh weather.
  • You should thoroughly inspect the vehicle to check for any signs of damage before starting your journey.
  • In order to keep all vehicles on the road safe, brakes are necessary. The brakes shouldn’t be extremely tight or loose; they should be able to stop your bike when a decent amount of pressure is applied.
  • The brake pads fade with time and must be replaced when they show a specific amount of wear and tear. The sound of screaming brakes is a warning sign. They need to be fixed or repaired as soon as you can.
  • As recommended by the manufacturer, you should replace the brake fluid every two to three months.


Levels of Fluids and Oil

  • To keep your bike in good shape, you must routinely check the oil level in the bike. This should be done regularly. The oil tank of a motorcycle should never be allowed to run dry, according to experts, as doing so exposes the tank to particulate buildup. The performance of the motorcycle may be reduced over time by this.
  • If you drive a motorbike with a liquid-cooled engine, you must frequently replace the cooling fluid. With time, the coolant’s ability to absorb heat will decrease.
  • Purchase the best antifreeze you can find for your radiator during the autumn and winter. It prevents your motorcycle from the possibly harmful effects of heat in the summer and protects the engine cool by allowing faster cooling.
  • When it’s hot outside, you shouldn’t fill the gas reservoir. This is due to the fact that petroleum can expand when exposed to high temperatures. There is a chance that your motorbike will overheat and catch fire if you keep it in an environment in which the sun keeps shining on it.
  • If your bike runs out of gas in an emergency, you should keep a reserve on hand. This is an excellent summertime bike maintenance tip since it prevents you from getting stuck in the heat for an extended amount of period.


Featuring a Waterproof Bike Cover to Protect It from the Sun

The guidance given here can go a long way towards keeping your bike safe during the heat of the summer.

  • To avoid harm during long contact with sunlight, you need to protect the bike’s body and tyres.
  • The colouring of a vehicle is likely to fade if it is left outside for the majority of the day, according to bike maintenance specialists.
  • If you ride a motorbike, keep it in an area with lighting and protect it when you arrive back. Use innovative methods to shield your bike from bad weather, such as investing in a high-quality, light-in-color cover.
  • Your bike will be secured with a cover from a number of environmental dangers, especially the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. The surroundings around your bike will maintain it safe from any number of potentially harmful substances, including moisture, rainwater, and bird droppings, among others.
  • Check that the motorcycle cover fits properly for the bike you want to use it with when you buy it. If you want to buy a suitable cover for your bike, you have plenty of alternatives online. Among the best summer bike maintenance advice is to do this.


Removing and cleaning air filters

  • The air filters on your bike need to be completely cleaned before you leave on your journey. You’ll occasionally have to travel a long way on a bike amid a humid, dirty atmosphere in India.
  • The road trip may reduce the bike’s usability. Therefore, inspect the air filters once more before starting out on the trip.
  • Either the petrol canister or the area under the driver’s seat of the bike contains an air filter. They must always be in excellent shape due to the physical demands of what they do. Even though modifying the air filter may not be necessary to solve the issue of a dirty air filter, regular maintenance is crucial.
  • We as the rider can benefit greatly from maintaining a clean and excellent condition of the air filters on your motorcycle. The engine’s the lifespan will therefore increase. Among the parts that keeps the bike running and operating at its best is this particular one. It is one of the components that leads to it becoming one of the more expensive modes of transportation.
  • Long periods of riding lead to the motor of the bike getting dirty with dirt, dust, and other particles. Sometimes, this affects how long the vehicle will last. Your bike will last longer if you clean the air filters frequently.



Maintaining your bike during summer is crucial for withstanding the heat. Here are essential tips:

  1. Check Tyres & Brakes: Regularly inspect and maintain tyres for heat dispersion. Ensure brakes are in proper condition.
  2. Maintain Fluid Levels: Regularly check oil levels and replace cooling fluid to prevent performance issues.
  3. Protect from Heat: Avoid filling the gas reservoir in high temperatures and use a waterproof cover to shield from sunlight.
  4. Clean Air Filters: Keep air filters clean for better engine performance and longevity.By following these tips, your bike will be well-prepared for summer riding.



How often should I check my bike’s tyres during the summer?

It is recommended to check your bike’s tyres regularly, preferably before every ride or at least once a week during the summer months.


Tips for tyre maintenance in summer By ICICI Lombard, Apr 20, 2023.