Tips To Maintain Your 2 Wheeler Tyres in Lockdown

 Product October 27, 2023

A rolling stone does not collect moss, and the contrary is also true: parking a two-wheeler for more than a few weeks can take a toll on the vehicle. In these troubled times, all of us want to know ways of taking care of our vehicles but we forget that tyres form an integral part of the vehicle and it’s equally imperative to take care of tyres as well. Tyres can develop flat spots or out of shape if the vehicle is in a stationary position for a long period of time because of the weight of the vehicle.

Neumex Tyres & Tubes suggests some handy tips that will help you in ensuring that tyres on your vehicle are kept safe from unnecessary harm and increase their service life.

  • For 2-Wheelers it’s better if the vehicle is parked on the main stand so that the weight on tyres is reduced and thereby minimize the occurrences of flat spots
  • Parking the vehicle in a covered area also helps as the tyres do not come in direct contact with sunlight or UV rays.
  •  You can use your newfound free time to give your tyres a cleanup and dressing to protect them from road grime or UV light that might eat away the rubber. Give them a quick check for damage and tread life too.