Top 10 truck tyre brands in India

 Neumex April 27, 2024

When it comes to ensuring safety, comfort, and efficiency on the road, the quality of your truck’s tyres is crucial. From navigating bends to braking, top-tier tyres are vital for a smooth and secure journey. Not only do they enhance traction and reduce braking distances, but they also contribute to fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions. To make the right choice, explore the top 10 truck tyres brands in India.

Which Truck Tyre to use?

Consider your truck’s usage: Opt for highway terrain tyres for long hauls, all-terrain for versatile on/off-road performance, and mud terrain for extreme off-road conditions.


JK Truck Tyres stands out as a heavy-duty option and is engineered with a modern tread compound, it boasts exceptional resistance to cuts and chips. Its extra strong bead is used to effortlessly handle heavy loads, while the block-type pattern and open shoulders provide robust block rigidity for both on-road and off-road use. The open groove design promotes cooler running of the tyres and improves overall performance and longevity.



CEAT tyre brand’s; WinLoad X3-D stands out as a promising tyre, continuously upgraded for rigorous driving in challenging conditions. Engineered to conquer tough terrains, it has a high-strength compound at the tread for exceptional cut, chip, and puncture resistance. Utilizing 90 D ply-line technology, it offers high bending stiffness to efficiently handle heavy loads during long hauls. The truck tyres are purpose-built for heavy-duty commercial vehicles, guaranteeing uniform tread wear and greatly extended mileage.



Apollo Tyres brand offers the Apollo Endu Race MD tyre, featuring sequentially arranged open tread blocks. Its strong belt package, strengthened with high tensile steel cables, minimizes impact friction, while the new-generation tread compound ensures exceptional tyre mileage. Innovative tread design facilitates self-cleaning, for better grip and braking confidence. Apollo Tyres provides an extensive selection of truck tyres, including the Endurace series used for long-haul applications.



MRF tyres are a trusted and enduring line from the Chennai-based manufacturer,  with the S3C8 truck tyre. With its staggered block design and robust casing, it excels in heavy-duty operations and uniform tread wear. The tyre’s high volume of tread rubber offers longevity and superior rigidity for both on-road and off-road usage. The heavy-duty truck tyres feature deep grooves, with high rubber volume and even wear, particularly beneficial for trailer applications. These tyres efficiently disperse water from the tire footprint, for traction and safety in wet conditions.



Michelin truck tyres offer advanced features for durability and performance. Their X Works product, available for drive axle and all positions, boasts an 8% stronger super high tensile cable and 10% stronger resistance for extended tyre life. With 25% higher bead rupture resistance, Michelin tyres minimize downtime and maximize mileage. With tyres designed for every vehicle application, Michelin has excellence in quality, durability, and performance.



Bridgestone’s Potenza tyres for every challenge on the road, the B&S Series offers unmatched durability and longevity. Sturdo tyres extend to 29% longer tyre life due to the Carbon Tread Compound with Strong Reinforcement, the strong shoulder construction of  the tyes for superior irregular wear resistance by distributing contact pressure evenly across the tyre surface. This even pressure distribution minimizes uneven tread wear, extending the tyre lifespan and maintaining optimal performance throughout its use.



Pirelli tyres for pick-up trucks excel in providing off-road traction, enhanced road handling, stability, and comfort. Whether for light trucks (LT), pick-ups, or heavy vehicles, Pirelli tyres optimize the  vehicle’s performance potential. Specifically designed for versatility, they navigate various road surfaces, including highways, snow, and off-road terrains, ensuring safe travels year-round. Pirelli tyres for light trucks (LT) and pick-up trucks offer unmatched traction for off-road adventures that require road handling, stability, and comfort on paved surfaces. 



Aeolus tyres, designed to meet  high loads, boast an extended lifespan with their wide and deep pattern. Intelligent design features, including 4 Z-shaped longitudinal grooves, for safe driving and braking on various surfaces. With refined patterns for dry and wet handling and optimized noise-friendly design, Aeolus tyres offer balanced heat control and resistance against stone build-up.Their extra belt layer and anti-wear compounds enhance durability and support re-profiling for extended use.



Continental Truck and Bus tyres are engineered for medium to long-haul truck and bus operations. They feature stone-release grooves to prevent stone sticking and boast an improved wear-resistant tread compound, effectively managing heat. These tyres provide safe, reliable, and highly efficient solutions. Equipped with stone-release grooves, these tyres effectively prevent stone-sticking, with uninterrupted performance even in rugged terrains. 


Goodyear tyre & rubber company

Goodyear Tyres, offers extended mileage with TredLife Technology, to travel longer distances. Its innovative tread design and compound enhance durability for extended performance. With a strong sidewall, it withstands impacts better. A new tread pattern reduces interior noise throughout the tyres lifespan. Goodyear offers a range of affordable options for truck tyres that provide reliable performance with extra durability and heavy-duty capabilities.



So, Selecting the appropriate truck tyre is essential for achieving optimal performance both on and off-road and safety across different weather conditions. Featuring an extended shoulder profile, NeumexTyres are engineered with specially crafted tread patterns to deliver unparalleled grip, mileage, and precise control across every journey.