Top 10 two-wheeler tyre companies in India

 Neumex May 11, 2024

Two-wheeler tyres designed by Neumex cater to a wide spectrum of riding conditions, from smooth asphalt to rugged off-road terrains, the TORQ EXL RD 73 Motorcycle Tyres are specifically designed for rear fitment on two-wheeler vehicles, ensuring optimal performance and safety. These tyres provide maximum traction, allowing for excellent grip on various road surfaces. And with superb cornering capabilities, they offer riders greater control and stability when navigating turns and bends.

In addition to tyre size, tread pattern, rubber compound, and pressure, the construction quality is another critical factor that significantly influences how your bike handles diverse surfaces, for a balanced and responsive riding experience.


1. Bridgeton Tyres 

Bridgeton Tyres stands out as a premier choice for 2-wheeler tyres, renowned for their quality, durability, and wide product range. Crafted with high-quality materials and advanced technology, Bridgeton tyres have exceptional durability, promising longevity on the road. Safety is primary in their design, offering superior grip, responsive handling, and reliable braking performance for stability and minimizing risks.


2. Michelin

Michelin stands out for its dedication to performance, innovation, and quality in 2-wheeler tyres. Their range caters to specific driving needs, offering dependable traction in all seasons and exceptional grip for sports cars. With winter tyres ensuring safety on slippery roads, Michelin builds long-lasting tyres using premium materials and advanced technology. These features reduce hydroplaning risks and promote fuel efficiency while providing a comfortable, smooth ride.


3. JK Tyres

JK Tyres, is a top choice for motorcycle and scooter enthusiasts, due to its quality, innovation, and performance. Offering a diverse range of meticulously designed 2-wheeler tyres tailored to specific riding needs. JK Tyres ensures reliability in various weather conditions with their all-weather options. Constructed using high-quality materials and advanced technology, these tyres provide longevity and endurance, promising a safer, smoother ride and excellent value for your investment.


4. Metzeler 

Metzeler offers a diverse range of 2-wheeler tyres tailored for riding needs. With all-weather capabilities, these tyres ensure reliable performance in varied conditions, providing a firm grip on wet or dry roads, ideal for riders seeking versatility in their daily commutes and adventures. Engineered for a balance between performance and comfort, Metzeler tyres provide precise control and responsiveness, enhancing the overall riding experience. 


5. Apollo Tyres

Apollo leads the two-wheeler tyre industry with its renowned quality and innovation, offering a wide range of benefits appreciated by riders. Designed to excel in diverse conditions, Apollo 2-wheeler tyres ensure reliable grip and handling for city streets or country roads.Crafted with premium materials and advanced technology, they guarantee longevity and safety on the road. Apollo’s commitment to performance and reliability assures riders of an unparalleled riding experience with their two-wheelers.


6. Pirelli Tyres 

Pirelli stands out for excellence, innovation, and superior performance, making their two-wheeler tyres a top choice for riders seeking the best. With a diverse range catering to various riding styles and conditions, Pirelli offers tyres for city streets, challenging off-road adventures, and high-performance thrills. Crafted with premium materials and cutting-edge technologies, Pirelli tyres ensure durability and safety, meeting the demands of discerning motorcyclists. Their precision engineering and comfort features elevate the total riding experience, combining performance with comfort seamlessly.


7. MRF Tyres 

MRF stands out for its quality, innovation, and performance.And their commitment to excellence has made MRF tyres a trusted choice among riders. Offering a versatile array of options, MRF caters to diverse needs, whether it’s urban cruising, off-road challenges, or high-performance adventures. With impeccable grip and responsive handling, MRF tyres put riders firmly in control of their journey.


8. CEAT Tyres

CEAT  a trusted tyre manufacturer has solidified it as the top choice for riders seeking excellence. Their versatile range of 2-wheeler tyres caters to diverse needs, whether navigating city streets, off-road terrains, or high-performance thrills. Crafted with premium materials and cutting-edge technology, CEAT tyres prioritize longevity and safety. Engineered for the perfect balance between precision and comfort, CEAT makes the riding experience smoother.


9. TVS Tyres 

TVS offers a comprehensive range of meticulously designed tyres, tailored to meet riders’ distinct needs. Quality is paramount, with premium materials and cutting-edge technology ensuring longevity and safety. TVS understands the importance of balancing performance and comfort, expertly engineering their 2-wheeler tyres to enhance the overall riding experience. With TVS, riders can expect dependable and exhilarating rides, making them the ideal choice for 2-wheeler tyres.


10. Metro Tyres

Metro Tyres, recognized as one of India’s premier manufacturers of tyres and tubes, stands out both domestically and globally in developed and emerging markets. As the leading Motorcycle Radial Tyre Manufacturer,they offer a diverse range of world-class tyres tailored to meet your specific riding needs. The extensive selection of high-quality, durable tyres and tubes is designed to accommodate a wide range of vehicles, driving conditions, and road surfaces. Recognizing the tyre as the rider’s primary point of contact with the road, they prioritize performance, safety, and fuel efficiency in every product.



In conclusion, the diverse range of two-wheeler tyre options available in India caters to various riding needs and preferences. From tyres designed for asphalt roads to those engineered for off-road adventures, manufacturers prioritize features like grip, handling, durability, and safety. Riders can choose from a wide selection of tyres tailored to their specific requirements, for a smoother and safer riding experience.